How to View and Download NPS on Reports

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The Reports menu on the Qontak Omnichannel shows the reports of conversations that have been carried out. There are several Reports options available, General, Agent Performance, Broadcast, Contacts, CSAT, CES, and NPS.

This guide explains how to view and download NPS reports in Reports. A Net promoter score (NPS) is a value that reflects consumer loyalty. To find out more about the NPS report on the Qontak Omnichannel, read the guide below:

  1. Open your Omnichannel Account.

  2. Select the Reports menu, then click "NPS".
  3. You can customize the Timezone, Channels, and Date Filter of the reports you want to view by taking using the Filter feature.
  4. On the NPS page, there is Overall NPS which shows the overall score from respondents. On the right side, there is the NPS Breakdown, which is a detailed view of the Overall data. NPS Breakdown reflects on customer loyalty in three behavioral criteria, namely, Promoter, Passive, and Detractor.
  5. Furthermore, there is an NPS Responses data showing the name, date, channel, assigned agents, comments, and the given score from the respondent.
  6. Download each NPS report by clicking the “Download” icon, then selecting “Download CSV” to start the download.

    CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a file format compatible with Microsoft Excel.


Those are the guide on how to view and download NPS reports on Reports.