How to Do Agent Scoring on Qontak Chat

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Mekari Qontak introduces Scorecard, a feature that allows you to easily monitor agent performance in the chat room. This function will assist you, as a supervisor/manager, in evaluating agent performance based on their ability to answer consumer inquiries and solve problems. To assess agents, first create a category and a scorecard. Here are the steps.

The Admin role can only perform Scorecard setup. Meanwhile, the role of the SPV (Supervisor) and Manager can do Scorecard setup and agent scoring.

A. Create Category

Before scoring an agent, you have to create categories to determine the parameters to be used in the scoring process. Here are the steps.

  1. Log in to your Omnichannel account then select the Settings menu.
  2. Then, click "Scorecard”.
  3. Then click "Create Category".
  4. Next, fill in the Category name and Description in the following columns.
    Filling in the Category name is mandatory.
  5. Then click "Add parameters".

    In this case, you can select a maximum of 5 parameter scores in one category as shown below, then click "Add".

  6. Next, add a rating score to each parameter to determine which is more relevant in one scoring category.

    - In this case, the total weight should be set to 100% for one category. To add a parameter, enter a weight number next to it.
    - To divide it evenly, click "Distribute equal weight".

  7. If all the data has been filled in, click "Save".
  8. Then the parameters that have been created will appear on the Scorecard page.

B. Set up Scorecard

After creating scoring categories, the following step is to set up the scorecard. You can use multiple setups to determine whether the evaluation is Pass (successful) or Failed (failed) based on the score. Here are the steps.

  1. On the Scorecard page, click “Set up scorecard”.
  2. Next, evaluate the passing grade to determine the agent's assessment standard. You can also enable the Auto scoring by Mekari Airene toggle if you wish to score automatically.

    - The passing grade value determines whether the agent succeeds or fails in the room chat. The value will be determined by the parameter score. If the agent's score is above or equal to the passing grade, the status is Pass. If it is lower, it indicates a failure. By default, the passing score is 75%.
    - Once you enable the Auto scoring by Mekari Airene toggle, automation will occur once the chat room has been completed and the agent has sent more than 10 messages.

C. Agent Scoring

After creating parameter categories and setting the scorecard, you can conduct the scoring. For roles that can assess only SPV (Supervisor) or Manager.

The following are the conditions before carrying out the score:
1. The conversation room must be resolved first.
2. Agent performance scoring can be carried out by SPV (Supervisor).
3. If the room is completed with a chatbot, then the scorecard will not be displayed.
4. Currently, if there are two agents in one conversation room, then the score will appear on the first agent who greets or appears in the chat room.
5. You can only review scores that have been done 1 time.

  1. Enter the Inbox menu.
  2. Click on one of the resolved chat with the status 'Resolved'.
  3. Then click the “Agent scorecard” button.
  4. Next, give a score to the room chat based on the categories that have been created. After filling in all the parameters, click “Submit” then the scorecard will show the score.

    - If you activate the Auto Scoring toggle, the AI logo will be displayed.
    - You can give the score by simply clicking thumbs up or thumbs down.

  5. You can see scores with Pass or Failed status based on the assigned Passing grade, Review Date, and Reviewer/Scorer. You can also edit the scorecard once by clicking “Edit scorecard”.
  6. Next, you can see the score results by clicking "Report".
  7. Then select the General tab.
  8. You will see the report results on the List of conversations page. Click the "Scorecard" icon to see the assessment results for one of the agents.
  9. Then you will see a summary of the agent ratings that have been rated.

That is how agents are scored on Qontak Chat. You may also read more about Mekari Airene and how to generate API tokens.