Contacts Menu Overview

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In the Contacts Menu on the Omnichannel Qontak, you can view the entire list of saved Contacts. Here, you can also add new Contacts or even edit individual Contacts. 

  1. Go to the Contacts menu.
  2. Here is what the Contacts menu looks like.
    The following is a description of each of the setting options in Settings:
      1. Filter: To filter messages by channel and when the chat was created.
      2. Search Contact Name: To search for contacts by name.
      3. Tombol New Contact: To create a new contact. Here you can create single or multiple contacts.
      4. Download: To download the contact data.
      5. Name: Showing the customer name.
      6. Channel: The channel the chat comes from.
      7. Last Activity: The last activity of the customer.
      8. Tombol Detail/Edit: To modify and edit existing contacts