How to Set Division in Agents Management

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Agents Management - Division is a Qontak Omnichannel feature consisting of Division, Agent Allocation, Broadcast, and Workload where only Admins can add or make changes to existing features in agent management.

To add or make changes to Agent Management - Division, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your Omnichannel Account. Insert your Username and Password. Click the “Login” button to get started.

  2. Select the Settings menu, then click Agents Management.
  3. Select Division, then click “+Create Division” to open the new form division.
  4. Fill in the provided fields such as name, supervisor, and agents, and choose whether the division will be assigned to all channels or only specific channels, then click the "Create" button to save the data that has been created.

    Unfilled mandatory fields will display an error “field is required” if you click the “Create” button. In the Agents field, there is a "Delete" button where you can immediately delete an agent in the division list.

  5. To assign a specific channel, you can see in the following image, where you can choose the channel you want.
  6. The data you enter and according to the format will display a pop-up as shown below when you click the "Create" button.
  7. The division you created will appear on the division list as shown in the following image which is equipped with the “Search” feature to make it easier for you to find the division you want, then there is an “Edit” button that you can use to make changes to the division data by clicking the “Edit” button to open the division form.
  8. Click “Save” to save the changes that have been made.
  9. To delete a division, you can click the “Delete” button as shown below.
  10. The delete pop-up will automatically appear as a notification “Are you sure you want to delete this data?” if you are sure to delete the division then click "Delete" otherwise click "Cancel".