How to Set Agent Allocation in Agents Management

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Agent Allocation is a Qontak Omnichannel feature in Agents Management which consists of Division, Agent Allocation, Broadcast, and Workload where only Admin can add or make changes to existing features in agent management.

To make changes to agent allocation, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your Omnichannel Account.

  2. Select the Settings menu, then click Agent Management.

  3. Select “Agent Allocation” to make settings on the allocation of agents.

  4. On the toggle "Agent can takeover unassigned chat" if "ON" then the Agent can take over chats that have not been assigned.


  5. Agents can take over incoming chats by clicking "Get New Chat" in the agent's inbox room, otherwise, the agent will not get a room unless the Supervisor assigns it directly to the agent.

    If "OFF" then the "Get New Chat" button will not appear in the room so the Agent cannot take over the chat.

  6. On the toggle "Agent can assign room to another agent" if "ON" then the agent can assign the chat to another room.

    If the status is “OFF”, then the agent cannot assign to another agent because the assign button on the agent will be disabled.

  7. Click the button name "+Agent" to add an agent to the room. 
  8. On the toggle "Auto agent allocation (AAA)" if set to "ON", the agent can assign chats to other rooms when there are new messages that are automatically entered to online agents. Therefore, Supervisors do not need to assign to agents, and agents themselves don't need to “Get New Chat” manually. If the status is “OFF”, then the agent cannot auto-assign.


    Can only enable CAA or AAA, not both.

  9. On the toggle "Custom agent allocation (CAA)" if "ON" then the agent can accept custom system requests by clients. If the status is "OFF", then the agent role is not allowed not accept custom from the client.


    You can enable either CAA or AAA, not both.