How to Integrate Email to Qontak Omnichannel

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Integrations are a Qontak Omnichannel feature where customers can connect various platforms with chat panels such as email or Instagram.

Only users with the Admin role can perform the integration. If you do not have an account with the Admin role, you can contact our support team at

To integrate the chat panel with Email on the Web, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open your Omnichannel Account. Then, enter your Username and Password. Click the “Sign in” button to get started.

  2. Go to the Channel Integrations menu, then select Email.

  3. Click "Add Email" to add an email account that will be integrated.

    On the right side of the email integration form there are procedures for integrating email and who can use the feature.

    Those who can use the email integration feature are:
    - Only Admin can integrate the email.
    - Admin, Supervisor, and Agent can use it in Inbox.
    Make sure the email provider has an email forwarder feature that allows incoming messages to be forwarded to other emails (to be provided by Qontak).

    How to integrate email is as follows:
    1. Create a new email integration in the Chat Panel.
    2. Follow the steps and fill out the form.
    3. Integration created, you will get email forwarding by accessing integration details.
    4. Copy Email Forwarder.
    5. On your email provider, find a setting that allows you to manually forward every email that comes to you.
    6. Email Forwarder contents copied from Chat Panel to auto forward list and save the settings.

  4. Then select the email provider you want in the Select provider section.

    - For Outlook email, you can choose to log in directly via email by selecting Email type “Outlook”.

    - And if you choose Email type Outlook Web App, then you need to fill in the required fields and setup your email first.

  5. Fill in the email address and password for the email provider you have chosen in the Email authentication section.

  6. Next, fill in the fields in the Email configuration section.
  7. And click "Submit" to add an email.
  8. If there is still something wrong with filling the field or it does not match the existing format, the system will automatically display an error as shown below.

  9. To make changes to the email data, you can click the Email column as shown in the following image.

  10. Click “Save Changes”.

  11. The display of email in the Inbox chat panel follows the appearance of the actual email, so it is different from other room channels as shown below.

  12. You can stop integrating with email by clicking the "Disconnect" icon as shown below.
  13. The pop-up notification “Are you sure? Disconnecting this channel will also delete this channel” will automatically appear if you click “Disconnect”, then select “Disconnect” if you are sure to disconnect the email account and if not then click “Cancel”.