How to Filter Inbox on Web Version

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Omnichannel has a filter feature that can make it easier for you to find several messages with certain specifications that can be set according to what you want.

Follow these rare steps to use the filter feature on your Omnichannel account.

  1. Login to your Qontak Omnichannel account.
  2. To open omnichannel messages or view message details, you can click the Inbox menu. You will be redirected to an inbox page with more details.

  3. The filter menu settings can be opened by pressing the "Filter" icon, and then the filter settings will appear.

  4. You can fill in the filter fields according to your needs. Where Sessions are divided into 3 namely Open, Expiring, and Expired. You can also filter via Agent and Tags in the dropdown provided.

    Explanation of filters:

    • Whatsapp Campaign: To filter broadcast messages sent in bulk via the Whatsapp API.
    • Unresponded Chat: To filter the chat rooms from customers that have been read and assigned but have not been replied to by the Agent.
    • Sessions: To filter messages by a session from incoming messages.
    • Agents: To filter incoming messages based on the assigned agents.
    • Tags: To filter messages according to the tags added in the message.
    • Channels: These are the channels connected to the Omnichannel. You can select one or more of the connected channels to filter messages.