How to Edit User Details

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The Edit User Details feature can only be done by users with an Admin role.  Make sure you are an  Admin  in the company's CRM to be able to change user details .

To change user account details, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click the arrow located to the right of your username (at the top right of the CRM dashboard).
  2. Select User Settings.
  3. You will see a list of user names registered with your company's CRM. Select your account.
  4. You can change several things in these settings, including the following:
    1. First Name : The first name of the user (can be full name or nickname). See here to change it.
    2. Last Name : The last name of the user (can be the full name, nickname, or the name of the division/section of the user). See here to change it.
    3. Mobile Number : The mobile number of the user, if required. See here to change it.
    4. Owner : The name of the owner of the user.
    5. Email Address : The email address you gave at the start of the account registration process cannot be changed.
    6. NIK : Resident Identity Number of the user, if needed.
    7. Company : The name of the company/organization of the user.
    8. Photo : Display picture ( display picture ) of the user.
    9. Attachment:  Attachment of required documents/photos, as the completeness of CRM users (if needed).
    10. Primary Team:  The primary team of the account (if applying a team within CRM).
    11. Secondary Teams:  The second team of the account (if belonging to more than 1 team).
    12. Tags:  For additional information, bookmark a user account.
    13. Staff Level: Staffing level within the organization (if required).
    14. Role: Account level in CRM, in the form of  Admin  and  Member  ( Admin: has wider access in CRM, usually owned by Supervisor; Member: access for staff, under supervisor).
  5. You can also change other settings, such as:
    1. User Performance:  You can fill in sales achievement targets that must be met by users per month in this tab.
    2. User Permissions:  Restrictions on access to the database stored in the CRM for each registered user.
    3. Tracking Time:  Setting working hours and attendance hours for all users who are members of the CRM (related to the  Live GPS Attendance Tracking feature).
  6. Select "Update User"  when the setting changes have been completed. The system will save the most recent setting data.

In some cases, the Edit User Details feature cannot be accessed due to several points that need assistance from our teams, such as the Password and E-mail Address. If this happens to your CRM account, please contact our consultant or Support team to help with the problem.