How to Integrate Shopee with Qontak Omnichannel

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On Qontak Omnichannel, you can now integrate your Shopee Seller account. This integration allows you to receive and send messages to customers via Qontak Omnichannel. There are two ways to carry out Shopee integration, namely by 'Request Integration' and 'Self Integration'. Here are the steps.

A. How to Perform an Integration Request

  1. Log in to your Shopee Seller store profile via the website.
  2. Then click the “Lihat Toko Saya” button.
  3. Copy your Shopee Seller ID in the URL section.
  4. Then you can switch to your Qontak Omnichannel account, go to the Channel Integration menu.
  5. Klik the “Shopee” tab.
  6. Then, you can click the "Add seller" button then select Request Integration.
  7. Then, click “Continue”.
  8. Enter Shopee ID that you copied previously.
  9. And select the Seller typeof your shop.
  10. Check “I have read…” and click “Submit”.
  11. Next, log back into your Shopee Seller account.
  12. And click "Confirm Authorization" then your integration is complete.
  13. So your Shopee Seller account has been successfully connected, you can also click "Actions" and select View details to see integration details or Disconnect to disconnect the integration between Qontak and the Shopee account.

B. Cara Melakukan Self Integration

To carry out Self Integration, you must have Shopee Developer Console.

  1. Enter the Shopee Developer Console then copy the Live Partner ID and Live Partner Key found in the Shopee Developer Console and your Shop ID.
  2. On the Shopee Integration page on Qontak, you can click “Self Integration”.
  3. On the Add seller - Self integration page, click “Continue”.
  4. Enter Shop ID, Live Partner ID and Live Partner Key, obtained from your Shopee Developer Console.
  5. Then, select the Seller type from your Shopee.
  6. And click “Connect” to start connecting.
  7. Then, click “Authorize in Shopee”.
  8. Then, you will go to the following page and click the "Confirm Authorization" button.
  9. Then your Shopee Seller and Qontak Omnichannel accounts are registered.