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How to Set Omnichannel Auto Resolve in Qontak CRM

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On Qontak, you can integrate Qontak Omnichannel with Qontak CRM. Integrations are a Qontak Omnichannel feature where customers can connect various platforms with chat panels such as email or Instagram. With this integration, you can auto-resolve chats from Omnichannel by moving Deals to the Won tab. Previously, you first needed to carry out the Qontak Omnichannel account integration process with the Qontak CRM. Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Properties menu.
  2. Then click “Channel Integration”.

  3. In the Chat Panel Credential (Admin) section, enter your Omnichannel email and password.

  4. When you integrate Omnichannel with CRM, Webhooks will be automatically populated.

  5. In the Deal Setting, you can enter Sales Pipeline in the Select Pipeline section, New in the Select Stage New section and Won in the Select Stage Won section.

  6. Check Enable Channel Integration, to integrate the channels contained in the Qontak Omnichannel. And click "Save" to save.

  7. Next, you can enter the Deals page, move the deals from the Omnichannel chat in the New section, and drag them to the Won section.

  8. Then, your chat on Omnichannel Qontak will be automatically resolved.

That's how to set Auto Resolve Omnichannel in Qontak CRM. To integrate the chat panel with Qontak CRM Messenger on the Web, you can learn here.