How to Integrate the Comments Feature with an Instagram Account

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At Qontak, you can already integrate the comments on your Instagram posts with your Qontak Omnichannel. This feature is an add-on, so an additional fee is required to activate it. Contact our support team at to enable this feature. Here are the steps to integrate this comment feature with your Instagram account:

  1. Log in to your Qontak Omnichannel Account.
  2. Go to the Channel Integration menu and select Instagram.
  3. Click "Add Instagram" and select Comment.
  4. Click “Continue”.

    In the Instagram integration section, there are procedures for integrating Instagram and who can use this feature.
    Those who can use the Instagram integration feature are:
    - Only the Admin can integrate Instagram.
    - Admin, Supervisor, and Agent can use it in Inbox.
    And one of the requirements for integrating Instagram is to ensure that the user has Enable Message Control Connected Tools in Instagram Settings -> Privacy -> Messages -> Connected Tools -> Enable Allow Access to Messages, because if the status is not enabled, messages from Instagram will not enter. chat panels.

    How to integrate Instagram Direct Messenger and Comments is as follows:
    1. Click "Add Instagram Account."
    2. Connect with an Instagram account; make sure your account is an Instagram business account.
    3. Log in to your Instagram account; make sure your account is set to "admin" on the Instagram page.
    4. Follow the instructions in the Instagram pop-up window.
    5. Select the Instagram page that is linked to your Instagram business account.
    6. Save changes and start communicating with your customers via Instagram Direct Messenger on the Inbox page.

  5. Then a confirmation will appear from Facebook and click "Continue as (your account name)".
  6. Select the comment setting import conditions you want and click "Connect".

    - Import all comments: select this option so that all comments that enter the Instagram account that you have connected can be imported.
    - Only import comments that are mentioned on this Instagram account: Select this if you only want to import comments that mention your Instagram account.

  7. And if successful, you will get an Instagram connected notification.
  8. You can stop integrating with Instagram by clicking the "Disconnect" icon on the Comments tab, as shown below.
  9. A popup notification “Remove this account” will automatically appear if you click “Disconnect”, then select “Remove” if you are sure to disconnect your Instagram account and if not then click “Cancel”.