How To Make a Call Through Bizphone Desktop App

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1. Sign In to Bizphone to Make a Call

With the Bizphone App, you can make and receive phone calls through your computer. Beforehand, you need to Sign In to your Bizphone account.

Here's how to make a call through the Bizphone Desktop App:

  1. Click the “Keypad - Number Key” icon and enter your destination phone number. Then, press the "Phone Handle" icon.
  2. Afterward, you will be directly connected to the number.
  3. Apart from that, you can also make Bizphone calls directly through Qontak CRM by clicking the “Telephone” icon.
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2. Click to Call

Bizphone can be easily integrated and clicked from CRM.

3. Conversation History

Furthermore, you can also view, save, and search the history of your conversations.

4. Phone Calls Activity Report

With the role of Manager, you have the access to view your phone calls activity reports.
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