How to Set Auto Resolve

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You can set Auto Resolve on incoming chats from customers. This feature makes the chat will be automatically resolved within a certain period of time. Here's how you can do Auto Resolve on chat.

  1.  Enter the Setting menu, and click the "Inbox" tab.
  2. Afterwards, click the "Auto Resolve" tab.
  3. You can choose "Enable auto-resolve for messages" if you want to enable auto-resolve for the message feature and "Enable auto-resolve for comments" for the comments feature.
  4. Once enabled, you can choose to set Auto-resolve to all channels or specific channels.
  5. If you select All channels, then you need to set the Inactivity period for the conversation being held.
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    You can delete and edit Inactivity periods or channels.

  6. However, if you select Specific channels, you have to choose the channel by clicking "Select channel" as shown below.
  7. Then tick the channel you want to select. To make it easier for you to search for channel names, you can search for them in the search column. After that, click "Done" if the channel has been selected.
  8. Next, set the Inactivity period for the conversation being held.
  9. You may also search or create new tags to apply to all auto-resolved rooms. Then, click "Save changes" to save the changes.

    - If you add a tag to auto-resolve and then delete it from the Tag and Auto Resolve menu, the tag will be deleted but will remain in the old room.
    - Old rooms will not be resolved until the agent sends a message after the admin activates auto-resolve (as long as the last message from the user does not exceed the specified time range).
    - A room will be resolved if the agent sends a message to the room but the agent is no longer in the room (with the last message still attributed to the agent).
    - If you use "Resolve all expired channels", then customers will not receive the survey.