How to do User Management Settings - Users

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In User Management, there are user settings which are useful for adding, editing or even deleting users. In this feature, you can also limit access to incoming messages based on all divisions or certain divisions. However, please note that only Admins can access this feature.

  1. To access it, you can go to the Settings menu.
  2. Then select the User Management tab.

A. Overview of User Management Display

  1. The following is a display of User management.
    No Column Explanation
    1 All role Filters that you can use to select user views based on Role Supervisor or Agent.
    2 Search User If you want to search for a specific user, you can search via the Search User column.
    3 Add new user Click to add a new user.
    4 Tabel user Here, you can see users who have registered with Qontak Omnichannel.
    5 Pencil icon Button to change user.
    6 Trash bin icon The button you can use to delete a user.

B. How to Add Users

  1. To add a new user, you can click “+Create user”.
  2. Then, fill in the required columns as follows.

    No Column Explanation
    1 First name Enter the user's first name.
    2 Last name Enter the user's last name
    3 Phone number Enter the user's telephone number.
    4 Email Enter the user's email.
    5 Organization Select the user's organization.
    6 Role Select the role you want to assign to the user.
    7 Chat access This is a special section if you choose the Supervisor role. This option will help supervisors identify incoming messages intended only for their division.
    • All division: All divisions can see incoming messages.
    • Assigned divisions only: Can only view based on certain divisions.
    8 Division Enter the division of the user.

  3. If the required fields have been filled in, click “Save”.