Properties Menu Overview

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In Qontak there is a Properties menu that is useful for making adjustments or changing your CRM account. In general, the Properties menu is a menu for customizing your CRM. To access it, you can click Properties in the menu on the left.

Here are some activities you can do on the Properties menu:

  1. You can add, edit, or delete data fields in other menus such as Contacts, Company, Tickets, Tasks, Products, etc.
  2. Here, you can also create Automated Actions. Automated actions are automatic actions according to certain triggers or triggers that you have defined.
  3. You can change the appearance of your CRM account from the logo to the colors on the display.
  4. You can connect your CRM account to any email provider available on Qontak.
  5. You can view the upload or download status of your data in CRM.