How to Understand the Results of Downloading the Top Product Report

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This report is used to see which products have sold the most. In this report, you can see the number of products sold, the total sales, and the contribution of these products to the overall total sales.

The results of the download of the Top Product Report when it has been downloaded will display a sheet as shown below:


In this sheet, it is shown in detail about:

Pipeline filters

Team filters

Filter by user

Report time filter

1. Product Name

2. Deal Name

3. Company Name

4. Parent Company

5. Owner Username

6. Owner Name

7. Sales QTY

8. Price

9. % Discount

10. Total Price

11. % of Sales


12. User

13. Manufacturer

14. Photo Display (before)

15. Number of Shelves

16. Estimated Order

17. Competitor Promotion

18. Installment Amount

19. Unit Price Rent

20. Promo Photo

21. Domicile

22. Donation Amount

23. Ticketing Point