How to Manage Menu Properties - Automated Actions

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Automated Actions are a way to add functionality to Qontak CRM without doing any programming. This feature can be used to trigger certain actions or actions automatically.

Here are the steps to manage Menu Properties - Automated Actions:

  1. Select the Properties menu.
  2. Select the Automated Actions tab. Click “Add New” to start setting up an automated action.
  3. Fill in the title of the Action. After that, you can first determine the module that you will use as the entity action and determine the trigger for the action.

    For example, suppose you create an automated action that creates a new task when a new deal is created in a certain pipeline and stage. So, when a deal is made at a stage, the system will create a new task with the title and details already created in the default automated action and notify the deal maker. Once you have defined entities and triggers in a deal, you can create tasks that will be automatically assigned to those triggers.

  4. Fill in the task name, category, priority, task details and other fields such as the due date for each task created, and determine whether each task created will have the same owner as the entity owner or only 1 account will be the owner of each task.
  5. Click “Save Automated Action” to save the action.
  6. Then the automated action will automatically run according to the trigger that has been created.
  7. If you want to edit the Action, click the "Pencil" icon, or if you want to delete the Action, click the "Trash" icon.