How to Create Automated Documents

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After creating the template, you can then create a document for the Deals/Tickets that have been created. Here are the steps to create an automatic document that you can do.

  1. Click the Deals menu.
  2. Then click the deal number whose document you want to create.
  3. Make sure the properties field in the Deals/Tickets menu which becomes the Variable ID in the document template that has been uploaded to the CRM system is completely filled, then click "Save".
  4. After confirming that the data on the Deal has been saved in the CRM system, you can continue to create the document automatically by clicking "Create Document".
  5. Then, you will be directed to the next page as shown below. This page aims to select the desired template that has been uploaded and check whether the Variable ID can be filled according to the data inputted into the CRM System. If the data after checking is appropriate, click "Create/Update".
  6. After that, the document will be created automatically according to the selected template and its contents are in accordance with the data previously inputted in the CRM system. On this page, CRM users can do 2 things, namely directly viewing and saving the document to the device by clicking "PDF" to download it in PDF format, or by checking it first, by clicking the "Eyes" icon to preview the document.


  7. Here is the result of the document that was created automatically.

  8. The following is the result of a document that is created automatically by clicking the "Eyes" icon to preview the document.