How to Create a Template

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In general, the document generator feature in the Qontak CRM application helps CRM users create a document automatically, examples of documents that are generally created with this feature are price quotation documents or invoices. Only CRM Users with the Admin Role can create this template.

If you already have your own quote format and want to take advantage of this feature, you can upload a quote template with the following steps:

  1. The template that will be uploaded to use the document generator must be made in Excel so that the system can later fill in the data in the existing template according to the data entered in the CRM. The first step that needs to be done is to prepare a template for the price quote along with the layout settings in Excel.
  2. For example, the template contains data that needs to be filled in automatically from the CRM system such as Quotation Number, Company, Name, Email, Address, Quotation Item, Unit Price, Quantity, Months, and Total. Therefore, it must be ensured beforehand that we have created field properties on all Menus according to the templates that have been prepared. Make sure the properties are created in the Properties Menu, then select what tab you want to create/edit on (Contacts/Companies/Deals/Tasks) as shown below.
  3. Next, fill in the cells in the Excel template according to the Default Variable ID List in the existing CRM properties field and we add it so that later the system can fill in the data automatically in the template according to the data entered in the CRM.
  4. Then copy and paste the Variable ID into the cells in the Excel template that was prepared earlier.

  5. After you finish copy-pasting the Variable ID into the Excel template that has been prepared according to the properties field in CRM, it will take the following form.

  6. Then, select the Document menu to upload the template that we have created in Excel format to the CRM system so that later the system can create documents automatically.

  7. Click Template, then click "Upload Template".

  8. Then type the name of the template in the File Name section.

  9. Click the "Browse a file" button to select the template we have created from the device storage. After selecting a template from device storage, click "Create Template" to upload the file.

  10. The following is a display of the template file that was successfully uploaded to the CRM system.

  11. To check the format of the template, you can click the Preview button which will be directed automatically to a new tab in the browser and the Google Sheet page will open.

    Changes to the template in the Templates menu by one User will affect all CRM Users in the organization.