How to Manage Menu Properties - Upload & Download

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The Upload & Download tab on the CRM dashboard is used to monitor the progress of uploading or downloading your company database from the CRM dashboard. Accounts with a member or admin access can access the tab and see the status of uploads & downloads from each account. To see the upload and download progress, you can do the following:

  1. Select the Properties menu.

  2. Then select “Upload / Download” tab.

  3. You can see the detailed list of data downloads and uploads that you did on the CRM dashboard as follows.

    The detailed information contained in the “Upload/Download” tab is as follows:
    - Date: The date on which the database was uploaded or downloaded.
    - Type: The type/type of database that you upload (upload) or download (download).
    - Filename: Informs the name of the database file you downloaded.
    - Email (Sent To): Informs the email address intended to send the database.
    - Sent At: The date and time the database is sent to the destination email address.
    - Status: informs the status of the upload (upload) or download (download) of the database in the CRM dashboard.
    - Progress: Total number of successfully uploaded or downloaded data in the CRM dashboard.
    - Completed At: Informing the date and time the database has been successfully uploaded (uploaded) or downloaded (downloaded).