How to Assign a Campaign to a Division or Agent

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To be able to send broadcasts or campaigns assigned to a division or agent, here are the steps:

  1. On the Campaigns page in the Broadcast Menu, click the "New Campaign Message" button

  2. Fill in the Campaign name, Sender, contact list, and Template message information.4a.png

  3. Then there will be an additional new section, namely "Assigned campaign", where there will be a "No Assignment" option, which means that there is no assignment that is specific to a certain division or can be handled by all agents, and a "Division" option, which means it is assigned to a certain division where only agents in the selected division can handle it.

  4. Click "Send Broadcast".

  5. If you do not belong to a division yet, then the first thing to do is to create a division first on the Settings  >Agent Management > Division page. The default division is General (for all users/supervisors/agents).
  6. To create a division, click the "+ Create Division" button.
  7. On the Create Division page, enter the division name, select Supervisor, and select which agent to enter the division.

  8. Click the "Create" button to create its division.

    Divisions can be edited and also deleted. However, for the general division, it cannot be edited and deleted. You can save the changes you have made by clicking "Create".