How to View Tasks Display on Qontak Mobile

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The Task is a Qontak CRM feature where users can list and report their activities. These activities can be in the form of a Visit Plan, Follow Up, and others.

To view the Tasks view on the Web, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Qontak application on your mobile phone. Enter your Username and Password. Click the “Login” button to get started.


  2. The following is a mobile phone display that appears after you press the Task menu, with the features provided.
    No Menu Information
    1 Filter You can filter tasks based on Owner, Team, Company association, Created date, Modified date, and all properties on the task menu.
    2 Search You can directly search for the desired task by typing its Name or other details.
    3 Add task You can add a new task from this button, by selecting Add task or Upload File.
    4 Edit & Delete You can make changes or delete tasks with the buttons above.