CRM - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  1. What is Mekari Qontak?
    Mekari Qontak is one of Mekari's products that provides an omnichannel customer engagement platform to simplify lead and client management through an automated chatpanel and integrated CRM. Mekari is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that provides cloud-based business automation solutions to support the development of various businesses in Indonesia, from small to large, through the use of technology.
  2. How to Get SO (Sales Order) / SI (Sales Invoice) / FP (Faktur Pajak)?
    To get SO (Sales Order) / SI (Sales Invoice) / FP (Faktur Pajak), you can contact Qontak support team or by email to


  1. How do I prevent my contact data from being duplicated?
    So that contact data is not duplicated when uploading data updates, it can be ensured first that the update data you want to upload, and fill in the field fields must be exactly the same as the fields in the Contact menu.

  2. How do I change the data on my saved contacts?
    Login to your CRM account, then select the Contact tab, click the desired name, then click Edit, after that the contents you want to change, finally click Save.

  3. How do I change the contact owner data that I save massively?
    To change the owner or ownership status of a data massively, the following steps can be taken:
    1. Select the data to be replaced -> check the data
    2. Then, click Bulk Change
    3. Choose the destination owner
    4. Click Save


  1. How do I add a product to my deal?
    How to add a product to a deal is as follows: Click on the Deal menu > then click + Add Deal > Upload Products.

  2. How to solve if Whoops appears when editing a deal?
    When the Whoops! on your account, please follow these steps:
    1. Click at the bottom right.
    2. If you are still having problems, please contact our customer support by informing your username, URL link & the last activity you did.
  3. What if your data on the Deal doesn't appear?
    If your data does not appear in the Deal, the following things need to be considered:
    - Check if the application is the latest version.
    - Please check your network & try to change to another provider.
    - Make sure there is still at least 1GB of memory remaining.
    - If you have tried it, it still doesn't work, please escalate it to contact our WhatsApp Hotline.


  1. Is there a notification when a task is assigned to me?
    Yes, the notification will go to the tagged or assigned user's email and the notification will also be included in the bell icon section.
  2. How do I change or add fields to a task?
    To change the task, log in to your CRM account, then click the Properties menu, click the Task tab, click "Add New Property", fill in the Property name, fill in the Field Type, and click "Save".


  1. Why does my report not match the data I saved?
    The report data on the dashboard menu will be filtered based on the last update so that the data displayed is not based on data created on that date but based on data updated on that date.
  2. Can I see only one member's report?
    Yes, Login to your CRM Admin account, then click Dashboard, then click Select User, click the desired User Name, and finally click Submit.

Live GPS Attendance

  1. Why can't I click check-in?
    Make sure the GPS is active, connected to a stable connection, and can click the sync button.
  2. Does my location stay on record when my cell phone is off or there is no signal?
    When the cellphone is off, your location will still be detected when you keep the GPS turned on in the previous condition.