How to Download Deals Data

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On Qontak, you can download Deals data. You can choose whether the deals you want to download is for all or just a particular one. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your Qontak CRM account Menu and select the Deals Menu.
  2. Click "List View" on the left side of the Deals page.
  3. Then choose the type of document you wish to download. Tick "Select all filtered results" if you want to download all Deals data.
  4. If the data has been selected then click "Download".
  5. After that a pop up will appear as follows. Select the fields you want to download. If you want to select a specific field, use keyword search to quickly find and uncheck the field's box. Make sure all the data is correct then click "Download".

    Choose at least 2 fields to download Deals.

  6. If the following notification appears, it notifies that the data download is being processed.
  7. To check the progress of downloading data, you can see it on the Properties menu, then select the Upload/Download tab.