How to Add Deal on Mobile Version

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In the Qontak mobile app, you can add your deals anywhere and anytime with the Qontak CRM application, without having to bring a laptop. Here are the steps to add Deal to your Qontak CRM app:

    1. Login to your Qontak CRM account.
    2. Menu Deals.
    3. Then, you need to select one of the available before Create Deal.
    4. Click the “+” icon.
    5. Fill in each column according to your needs. Click the "Tick" to save Deal or "X" to return to the previous view.

- The column containing the information "This field is required" means that it must be filled in. 
- Fill in the deal field according to your and the company's needs (the field is adjusted to the company's customization). 
- Make sure that you have chosen the stage that matches the deal. 
- In the deal column, you can add company associations (companies) and contacts (individual contacts), new or existing.