Getting to Know the Differences in Accounts on Qontak Omnichannel

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To access Qontak's Omnichannel, there are two types of accounts, namely Supervisor and Agent. Both supervisors and agents can log in via the website and mobile. The differences between the two accounts are explained below.

1. Supervisor

After logging in, the supervisor must turn on a notification indicating that he is online. Supervisors can access various Omnichannel features via the web, namely Inbox, Broadcast, Finance, Reports, Integrations, and Settings. However, in mobile Omnichannel, Supervisors can only access the Inbox feature. Supervisors can also view all messages, messages that have not and have been assigned to agents, and messages that have been completed. Supervisors can also select incoming chats based on the permissions assigned via the filter feature.

2. Agent

After logging in, the Agent must turn on the notification as a sign that the agent is online. Agents can only access the inbox feature to read and reply to messages assigned to themselves. Other than that, agents can also access the broadcast feature if granted access by the supervisor. Agents can view all messages on the Omnichannel, messages with ongoing interactions, and messages that have been completed.