How to Sign In to Qontak CRM Account and Omnichannel on Web Version

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Qontak Omnichannel and CRM users can freely sign in using only one account. The sign-in process can be done after you have a Mekari Qontak account. If you don't have an account yet, try Mekari Qontak for free.

All users can access switch applications.

In this guide, we will explain how to sign in to your Mekari Qontak account via the website. 

Here are the steps:

  1. On the Mekari Qontak Login page, enter your Email and Password. Then, click "Sign in".
  2. Then, you will be directed to the Mekari Qontak page that you are subscribed to or Omnichannel if you subscribe to both applications (Omnichannel and CRM). Click the “Down arrow” icon.
  3. So, you can choose to move (switch) one application to another by clicking "App name".
  4. A notification indicates you will be redirected to the selected application.
  5. Therefore, you have successfully switched the application and there is a blue and red notification as shown in the following image.

    You can click “Upside down triangle” to switch apps back.

This is a guide on how to sign in to Qontak CRM and Omnichannel accounts via the website. Next, you can learn how to log in to your Mekari Qontak CRM mobile or Mekari Qontak Omnichannel mobile account.