How to Send WhatsApp Blast Messages

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As of October 12 2023, WhatsApp has implemented Pacing Templates which can have an impact on your broadcast campaign, learn more here.

The Broadcast menu is one of the features in the Chat Panel that allows users to be able to send messages to many people at once. This feature is also commonly known as broadcast messages. Through broadcast, we do not need to open the chat column of each person in contact to send them the same message. Not only that, it saves time and energy to send messages to multiple contacts. Here's how to send a WhatsApp Blast Message:

  1. Login to your Qontak Omnichannel account.

  2. Go to the Broadcast Menu and click "Campaigns".
  3. Here's what the website looks like that appears after you click the Campaigns menu. To send a WhatsApp blast message, you need to click on "New campaign Message".

  4. Fill in the information in the fields provided and make sure that your balance is sufficient. On the right, you will see your remaining balance, and if you have a balance that is less than the number of contacts you will broadcast, then you will receive a pop-up notification with the "Top Up" button. Then, click "Send Broadcast" if the data you entered is correct.

    You can broadcast if your balance is sufficient.

  5. A pop-up Notification will appear if the data you submit is correct.

    If the data you entered is incorrect or has not been filled in, the system will automatically display a notification in fields such as "field is required". And in one broadcast, you will be given a 2.5-minute break to do the next broadcast.