How to Add Bulk Products

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The Products menu on the CRM site is used to input product databases from your customers. In this tutorial, we will tell you how to add  Products  (Upload Products) through the website on the Qontak CRM social site. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your CRM account through the website
  2. Go to Products menu.

  3. Then, click “+ Add Product” and select  “Upload File” .

  4. Download the Excel template already available in the CRM dashboard.

  5. When filling in data using this Excel form, make sure that the inputted data is not double . Then, fill in the available columns in Excel according to the database you have.
  6. If there is a column marked  (*), it means that the column is mandatory. Meanwhile, in customized columns such as; Status, Job Title, etc., data entry in the Excel file must match the options in the CRM database. Starting from the spelling, uppercase, and lowercase letters, to the placement of spaces, it is necessary to pay attention to the exact same, because if there is a typo or it is not appropriate, it will cause an error in the uploaded data.

  7. If the " Product " data in the Excel file has been filled in all, you can change the format in the Excel file to "Text" .
  8. Click  “Browse a file” to re-upload the filled “ Product ” Excel file.
  9. If the following notification appears, it means that your product data has been uploaded successfully.

  10. To see the progress of data upload, you can check periodically on the Properties - Upload/Download menu.

    If there is data that fails to upload, the system will automatically send a notification to your email address registered with your Qontak CRM account.
    If you have received the notification email, you can see a detailed explanation of what data failed to upload, please re-check your file and correct the wrong data.