How to Create a Broadcast Template Message

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As of October 12 2023, WhatsApp has implemented Pacing Templates which can have an impact on your broadcast campaign, learn more here.

The Broadcast menu is one of the features in the Chat Panel that allows users to be able to send messages to many consumers in Qontak at once. This feature is also commonly known as broadcast messages. Through broadcast, we do not need to open the chat column of each consumer in contact to send them the same message. Furthermore, you can save time and energy by sending messages to multiple contacts.

Here's how to create a message template to send a broadcast:

  1. Log in to your Qontak Omnichannel Account.

  2. Select the Broadcast Menu, then click "Templates message".

  3. Next, click "Add New Template".
  4. To create a new template, you must fill in the fields already provided. If so, then click "Continue" to go to the next process.

    - Fill in the Template name without spaces and with all lowercase letters. And make sure the title you're imputing isn't the same as the previously existing title, because if you create the same title as the existing title, template creation will fail.
    - To learn more about the template category on Choose Category, click this guidebook.

  5. Then, click "Submit" if the data you entered is correct.

    - Message preview: You can see the preview template you created on the right side of the page.
    - Template languages: Select the language to use for the template. Please use 1 language, and if the content contains 2 languages, then you can create 2 different templates for the content.
    - Media Content (Optional): Select the media type (image, video, or document) to be used as the message banner.
    - Enter the text for your message: You can write a template here with a maximum of 1024 characters.
     -- There are bold, italics, and strikethrough formats.
     -- + Add Variable is a variable parameter to replace the variable with a customer name, product name, URL, shipping service, etc. For more details, click here. An example template for variables can be seen in See Example.
    - Interactive Message (Optional): You can add a button to create a contextual conversation in an interactive format as follows:
    -- Quick Reply.
    -- Call To Action (Phone Number). 
    -- Call To Action (URL). 
    - Terms and conditions in creating a template:
    -- Links are used as variables. 
    -- There is no space before the colon, example: Date.
    -- No hard-selling content such as free words, vouchers, gifts, door prizes, nominal money 
    -- Using a point at the end of a sentence without any space after the point 
    -- Using good and correct language and containing 2 or more languages

  6. A pop-up Notification will appear if the data you submitted is correct.

    If the data you enter is wrong or has not been filled in, the system will automatically display notifications in columns such as "field is required."