How to Understand Task KPIs by Status

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The Task KPI by Status report has two sheets, namely Tasks KPI by Status and Task Change Log.

In the Tasks KPI by Status sheet, the displayed reports can be previously filtered by User, Time, and Task Category.

This report will display a list of users and the respective number of Tasks they have per their Status. And also displays the total number of tasks that each user has.

In the Task Change Log sheet, detailed changes made to each task are displayed. As for the details that can be seen

  • Task = Task Name
  • Category = Task Category
  • Associated Record = Task Association (Contact, Company, and Deal)
  • Owner = Task Ownership
  • Due Date = Task due date
  • Previous Status = Previous Task Status
  • Next Status = Task Status after change
  • Plan = Plan Details in the Details / Plan field
  • Result = Details Plan in the Result / Next Step field
  • Langitude Longitude = Latitude, Longitude
  • GPS Check in Date = Check in Task Date
  • Created At = The date the task was created
  • Updated Date = The date when the Task was last updated/modified
  • Moved Date = Task move date from Previous Status to Next Status