How to Understand the Results of Downloading the Deals by Stage Report

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The Deals by Stage report has two sheets, namely the Deals by Stage and the Deals Change Log.

In the Deals by Stage sheet, the Deals by Stage report can be filtered according to the desired Pipeline, User, and Time. This report will list each user with the number of each Deals on each Stage in the Pipeline. Each Stage will be displayed based on Count (the number of Deals), Amount (Deal Size), Percentage (the percentage of deals on that stage, of the total Deals in the pipeline), and Average Deal Amount (the average number of Amount or Deal Size of the total Deals). count on that stage).

In the Deals Change Log sheet, displays the details of the reports in the Deals by Stage sheet.

  • Deals = Deals Name
  • Owner = Ownership of Deals.
  • Created At = Date the Deals were made.
  • Closed Date = Date closed date Deals.
  • Currency = Deals currency.
  • Amount = Total Deal Size.
  • Source = Source / Source Deals.
  • Previous Stage = Stage where the deal was previously.
  • Next Stage = Stage where the Deals were last.
  • Pipelines = Pipeline Deals.
  • Updated Date = The date the Deals were last updated/modified.
  • Moved At = The date the deal was moved from the Previous Stage to the Next Stage.
  • Moved By = Username of the user who moved the Deals.