How To Understand The Results Of Downloading Live GPS Attendance Tracking Reports In Daily Report

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In Qontak CRM, you can download GPS Live Location daily reports. To view it, make sure you have added the Live GPS Attendance Tracking report to the dashboard. Then, click the three lines, and select "Daily Check-in Report".
And when the data has been downloaded, you will see a sheet display like the following.
Laporan_GPS_2.jpgOn the sheet Daily Check-in Report, shown in detail.

Report time filter

1. The names of each user

2. First Name and Last Name of each user

3. Detail team

4. Tags

5. Check-in time

6. Check-out time

7. Location at check-in

8. Location at check-out

9. Check-in or check-out status

10. Check-in Mock Location

11. Check-out Mock Location

12. Check-in Device

13. Check-out Device

14. Total User

You can track whether your user's check-in or check-out using fake locations or not by reading the Check-in Mock Location and Check-out Mock Location tables.