How to Read and Select Reports

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In reading and selecting reports, there are several examples of how to read and select reports in the Qontak CRM Dashboard. Here are some examples:

  1. Sales Performance
    If you select the “Sales Performance” report that is displayed on the dashboard, to read the report there are several things you can pay attention to.


      • In selecting the “Sales Performance” report, you can read reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  2. Targets by Months by Value
    In reading the “Target by Month by Value” report, there are several things you can pay attention to.
      • There is a filter in the report, you can select the pipeline and the time you want to view the report (this filter is not affected by the filter above).
      • On the left side of the bar charts, there are user names.
      • There are 2 colors; blue and yellow. Blue indicates “target achieved”, and yellow indicates “remaining targets”.
  3. Product Sales Trends (All Pipelines)
    In reading the “Product Sales Trend (All Pipelines)” report, there are a few things you can pay attention to.
      • The first step in reading the Product Sales report of the entire pipeline is to first determine what product you want to read the report on. Then you can filter the time for which you want to read the report.
      • In the chart bars, there are 2 colors; The blue color indicates sales revenue and the yellow color indicates the amount of product sold.
  4. Task KPI by Status

    Memilih_Laporan_4.jpgThe first step, before starting to read the Task KPI by Status report, you can choose a category as needed. Then this report will display a list of users and each number of Tasks they have per Status. And also displays the total number of tasks that each user has. For example when viewed from the picture above; user Anisa has 5 tasks that are still in progress, 6 tasks that have been completed
  5. Lives GPS Attendance Tracking
    The first step before you read the Lives GPS Attendance Tracking report, you can filter the Check-in status, attendance time, and user. Then, the report will display the data as shown above. For example from the picture above, user Nishabella checks in and checkout. If the Nishabella user sets the interval per hour, the location that appears every hour is automatically pulled from the Nishabella user's GPS. The report will show where the location of the Nishabella user is every hour until the Nishabella user checks out hourly.
    All reports contained in your dashboard can be adjusted to your needs by customizing them through the Reports menu