How to Add Team

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The   Add Team feature only applies to accounts with Admin level. Make sure your role is an   Admin in the company's CRM to be able to add new teams /groups.

  1. Click the arrow located to the right of your username (at the top right of the CRM dashboard).
  2. Select User Settings .
  3. Select Team , then click the "Create Team" button located at the top right of the Dashboard page.
  4. Select the desired details in the team that will be created in the available columns.
    - Team Name: The name of the team to be created.
    - Parent Name: The name of the parent team (if the team created is a branch team from the parent).
    -  Add Team Member: Members who are registered in the team.
  5. An asterisk ( * ) in some columns indicates that the column is required , and other columns are optional.
  6. Click Create Team and  the system will automatically save the team settings you have created.

If your organization's team is divided into regions in Indonesia, then the team name can be a region (E.g. Java, Sumatra, etc.).
If each team has a sub-team, the team will be divided into 2, namely the Parents  Team and the Child Team. The Parent Team is the team with the highest hierarchy, and  the  Child Team is the team that is part of it (E.g. Central Java, West Java, East Java, etc.)