How to Filter Reports

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Filtering reports in this Dashboard aims to make it easier to read your reports as needed. Therefore, the data displayed is not too much and only the data that is needed.

Here's how to filter reports in the Dashboard:

  1. You can customize the report filter on the "Qontak CRM website version". The first step to filter reports on the Dashboard, you can click the Dashboard menu
  2. Next, you can start filtering your report, based on the Pipeline you have created by clicking the “Sales Pipeline” dropdown.
  3. You can also filter your report, according to the team or user you have created by clicking the “Select Team” and “Select Users” dropdowns.
  4. You can filter the report according to the time you want. For example, you want to filter this month's report, last month's report, and last week's report, or customize the date range that you want to filter.

    If each of your filter elements is appropriate. You can click “Submit” to see the results of the report filter that you have adjusted to your needs. All reports in your dashboard can be adjusted to your needs by customizing them through the Reports menu.