How to Manage AI Chatbot Package Usage

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Package Usage is a page that displays the usage of certain packages on Qontak Omnichannel. You can see usage and remaining quota for Conversation and AI Chatbot.

In this guide, you can learn how to read and manage AI Chatbot package usage.

  1. In Qontak Omnichannel, select the Package Usage menu, then click Chatbot AI.
  2. Then, you will be directed to a detailed page regarding the usage of the AI ​​Chatbot package.

    No. Part Name Description
    1 Package information Information about the package, including its name, current status, and expiration date.
    2 Initial AI dialogs The amount of AI quota obtained and the remainder. 
    3 Extra AI dialogs

    The amount of additional AI quota obtained along with the remainder. The quota includes additional postpaid or prepaid dialogue.

    - When the postpaid reaches the limit, the limit will be reset every month.
    - If prepaid , then the remainder of the last month's quota will be carried over to the next month.
    - If the remaining quota from last month is minus (negative) then the Initial dialogue will not be reset except when it has been paid off.

  3. In the next section, there is a Chatbot AI usage table. In this list, there is complete information about quota usage for each dialog, such as Room ID, Channel, Account ID, Response Date, Dialog Deduction, and AI Dialog Usage.

    - You can filter the time range displayed in the table by clicking on Filter Period.
    - You can download this table in CSV spreadsheet format with a maximum period of 90 days by clicking "Download" .

    1 reduction in AI Dialogue = 1x customer-to-client questions and client-to-customer responses using AI.
    This means that in 1 chat room, there can be several reductions in AI dialogue.

  1. When your dialog AI chatbot quota is almost exhausted. Therefore, you can receive a notification banner as follows.
    1. Chatbot AI dialogue running low is shown in yellow. This notification will be sent if the remaining dialogue AI is 40% of the total dialogue AI. You can click "Customer support" to contact the Qontak support team and add a quota.
    2. A running-out chatbot AI dialog is shown in yellow. This notification will be sent when the dialogue is finished. You can click "Contact support" to contact the Qontak support team and add a quota.

That's the guide for managing AI Chatbot Package Usage.