How to Create Expenses

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Through the Mekari Qontak CRM Dashboard, you can record expenses that can be linked to a particular deal process. Therefore, the company's expenses can be evaluated.

Following are the steps for using the expense feature.

  1. Select the "Expense" menu at the top right.

  2. Then, click "Add Expense".

  3. Enter your Expense data information.

    No. Button/Column Name Description
    1 Expense date Enter when the expense was created.
    2 Expense amount Fill in the expense amount by entering the currency first.
    3 Associated contacts If this expense was made by one of the contacts in CRM, you can include it here.
    4 Associated companies Fill in the contact company.
    5 Associated deals If this expense is related to a deal, you can include it here.
    6 Categories

    You can choose one of these expense categories. 

    Category selection can be managed in the Properties menu which you can learn about at a later stage.

    7 Description You can add a description of this expense.
    8 Upload photos/images Add an image of proof of payment if necessary.
  4. Then, click "Submit" to save the data.

This is a guide on how to create expenses in Mekari Qontak CRM.