How to Add and Update Deals in Bulk on the Web Version

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Through Qontak CRM, you can add and update deals that you make in bulk only in one spreadsheet template. Therefore, you do not need to do it individually

Here are the steps to add and update Deals in bulk on the Web version of Qontak CRM.

  1. Login to your Qontak CRM Account.
  2. Go to the Deals menu .
  3. Click  “Add Deals”  then select  Bulk update deals.
  4. Then, you will be directed to the following page.

    No. Button Name Description
    1 CSV template Click to download the Bulk add & deal updates in CSV format.
    2 Excel template Click to download the Bulk add & update deal in XLS or XLSX format.
  5. After filling in the spreadsheet template, you can return to the  Bulk update deals  page, then click  “Choose file”  to upload the spreadsheet template. Make sure to read the important box below.

    There are several things you should know before uploading, namely:
    - For new deals, you do not need to fill in the Slug ID.
    - To update deals, you are required to fill in the pipeline, stage, and slug ID correctly, hence the data can be uploaded. You can find the Slug ID either in the downloaded deals data or via the URL deals profile details.

    - Your deals cannot be updated if the flow and stage are not found.
    - The number of rows affects the upload duration. The maximum number of updates is 3000 rows.
    - To update deals, make sure the slug ID matches the previous data.
    - To update deals, make sure you use the template above.

  6. Save all changes and updates by clicking  “Upload”.  If all the data in the spreadsheet has followed the tips correctly, then all changes and new deals will be successfully saved.

That's the guide to adding and updating deals via the Web version of Qontak CRM.