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Meta will implement the Pacing Template starting from October 12, 2023

What is WhatsApp Template Pacing?

Template Pacing is the latest Broadcast Message evaluation process that will be implemented by META (WhatsApp). The pacing template will later check the sensitivity of the message quality for Broadcast Message recipients, with the aim of preventing the potential for your WhatsApp Number to be blocked. This process is carried out in Broadcast Messages in the Marketing category starting October 12 2023. Learn the FAQs about Pacing Templates on Qontak, here.

This mechanism will only impact the Marketing category broadcast templates. For the Utility and Authentication category templates, Template Pacing will not be applied.

The template pacing mechanism allows customers to provide feedback on the marketing templates created. Later there is a broadcast message that is held and this allows customers to provide feedback. Meta has its own calculations to assess which broadcast campaigns will apply the Pacing Template.

How Does This Feature Work?

Pacing Templates are specially designed for large-scale marketing campaigns. For campaigns selected for Template Pacing, Meta will send a broadcast message to a small portion of the total number of recipients of the campaign. Based on this "sample", Meta will provide an assessment based on the recipient's responses in the final result; Template Quality status. Based on this assessment, Meta will decide whether to continue sending the message to a larger audience.


Suppose there is a marketing template aimed at 100,000 recipients. Template Pacing will start by sending the broadcast message to a smaller segment (for example, 20,000 recipients), then the Meta system will wait for 30 minutes to evaluate the quality of the template based on the responses of those 20,000 recipients. After that, Meta (WhatsApp) will provide an assessment based on the response from the broadcast recipients. If it is rated Medium/High Quality then broadcast to the remaining 80,000 recipients will continue.

The following is the flow of the Pacing Template.

Untitled (1).png

1. Template Pacing is the newest flow of the broadcast process, and can be seen in the yellow flowchart above.
2. Template Pacing will be done from the Meta system and not Qontak.
3. Meta will determine whether the campaign (along with the template) will go through Template Pacing - not all Marketing campaigns will go through Template Pacing, WhatsApp (Meta) has its own calculations and is not open to the public.
4. The duration of the Pacing Template is ~30 minutes, but if the recipient's response is sufficient for WhatsApp (Meta) to carry out an assessment, it is possible that the results will come out faster.
5. The 'Template Quality' status is dynamic, the quality of the template can change at any time according to the response of the message recipient.
6. If the template gets Template Quality 'Low' then the template will be 'Disabled', we recommend re-evaluating your template and creating a new template, because templates that have been 'Disabled' cannot be used again.

No. Contoh Category Template Template Status

Template Quality


Campaign Status Eligible for broadcast?

Template: Submitted but Rejected

Pacing: None

Campaign Broadcast: None

Marketing Rejected - - No

Template: Submitted and Approved

Pacing: None

Campaign Broadcast: Not yet

Marketing Approved Neutral - Yes

Template: Submitted and Approved

Pacing: No

Campaign Broadcast: Done

Marketing Approved Neutral Completed Yes

Template: Submitted and Approved

Pacing: Yes

Campaign Broadcast: Done with High Quality

Marketing Approved High Quality Completed Yes

Template: Submitted and Approved

Pacing: Yes

Campaign Broadcast: Done with Medium Quality

Marketing Approved Medium Quality Completed Yes

Template: Submitted and Approved

Pacing: Yes

Campaign Broadcast: Done with Low Quality

Marketing Disabled Low Quality Stopped (WA effect) No

Summary of Sew Statuses

1. Definition of New Statuses

Category Status New? Definition
Template Status Disabled New The template was deactivated because it received a bad rating from WhatsApp (Meta)
Template Quality (New) High Quality New The quality of the template is considered to have minimal negative responses from message recipients
Template Quality (New) Medium Quality New The quality of the template received a negative response from message recipients, but it is not yet worrying
Template Quality (New) Low Quality New The quality of the template gets quite a lot of negative responses
Template Quality (New) Quality Pending New The template has not received a quality assessment from WhatsApp
Campaign Status Stopped (WA effect) New The message was in the process of being sent but was partially stopped due to special handling from WhatsApp (Meta)

2. Template Page
On the 'Template message' page there is a new status column, namely the 'Quality' column. This column specifically describes the quality of the templates we receive based on assessments from the Meta system.

In Template Status, we added a new status, namely 'Disabled', where this status is intended for templates that are disabled because they violate Meta terms or receive a low quality rating from Meta (Low quality).

3. Campaign Page
On the campaign page, we added a new status, namely 'Stopped (WA effect)'. This status is intended for campaigns that go through the Pacing Template but do not meet Meta standards so the campaign is terminated. However, you can get contact details of which contacts have been sent or which broadcasts have not been sent via the Campaign Detail Page.

4. Campaign Detail Pagepasted image 0 - 2023-09-27T133154.862.png
For campaigns that are currently going through the Template Pacing phase/process, the numbers selected for sampling will be marked with the status 'Pending - In review by WhatsApp'.

For campaigns that are stopped due to Template Pacing, you can find out which recipient numbers have been successfully sent during the Template Pacing phase and which ones have not been sent by looking at the Message Status on the Campaign Details page. Specifically for Pacing Templates, recipient numbers that have not been sent will get 'Failed - Template is disabled by WhatsApp. See template details for more information'.

What should I do if my template is 'disabled'?

Templates that get Template Quality 'Low' will be deactivated, or, 'Disabled'. Templates that are 'Disabled' because they receive a bad response from the recipient cannot be reused, so what should you do?

Meta does not provide us with specific guidelines for deactivated templates, but we can confirm that WhatsApp/Meta only acts on the responses of order recipients. If the recipient of the order makes a 'Report' or 'Block', Meta considers the order inappropriate or disturbing them.

Therefore, we urge you to re-evaluate the messages you send to the contacts you have selected. You can review several aspects, for example; the content of the message, the information conveyed, or perhaps the timing of sending the message is not appropriate.

For more complete information regarding WhatsApp regulations, you can visit WhatsApp Commerce Policy dan WhatsApp Business Policy.