Need Approval on Notifications

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The notification feature on Qontak CRM provides information on activities carried out in that account. In addition, the Need Approval tab appears if you are the holder of the approver role that has been set in the settings.

Here are the steps.

  1. Click the “bell” icon located on the top view of Qontak CRM, then click Need Approval.
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  2. In the Need Approval notification, you can do several things.
    G2. png
    No. Name of Button/Column Description
    1 Filter Click to filter approval by All requests, Expenses, or Deals.
    2 Mark all as read Click to mark all Need approval notifications as read.
    3 View details On each notification list, there is a “View details” button that you can open.
  3. If you click "View details", then you will be directed to the following page. You can see the details of the approval submission in the About expense section and approval history in the Approval log section. If the information is correct, you can click "Approve". However, if it is not appropriate, you can click "Reject".
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This is a guide to managing approval on Qontak CRM's Need Approval Notifications.