How to Export to Google Sheets

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Through Qontak CRM, you can export Contact, Task, Company, Deal and Product data into Google Sheet format. Start syncing the latest data and export the data by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Qontak CRM account, then open the Properties menu.
  2. Select Export to GSheet.
    PROP2. png
  3. Hence, you can see the Export to Google Sheet display as follows.
    PROP3. png
No. Name of Button/Column Description
1 Sync Click to automatically sync all data right now to Google Sheet.
2 Google Sheet URL will appear here The Google Sheet URL will be available here.
3 Auto Sync Click the toggle button to activate synchronization automatically according to the schedule you specify.
4 Sync Time Specify the sync time (schedule) here.

This is a guide on how to export to Google Sheets.