How to Create Ticket Template

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After integrating Omnichannel with CRM, you can then create a ticket template that is useful for submitting tickets on the Inbox page. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the Integration menu.
  2. Select Channel Integrations, then click Qontak CRM.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-08-14T100805.058.png
  3. Click the “Create template” button.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-08-14T100810.407.png
  4. Enter the name of the template in the Template name field and also enter a description if needed.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-08-14T100851.536.png
  5. In the Type section, select Ticket.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-08-14T100910.358.png
  6. Select the Pipeline you want.
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    - You have to create Pipeline and Stage in CRM first.
    - Users must choose a pipeline to be able to choose a stage.

  7. Select the Stage to submit ticket.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-08-14T101020.261.png

    You have to set up Pipeline and Stage in CRM first.

  8. In the Resolved stage section, you can choose which stage the ticket will be resolved at.
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  9. Then, click “Save”.
  10. Then the template that you created will appear in this section.
    pasted image 0 - 2023-08-14T101108.547.png
  11. You can also click "Action" and select Edit to change the template or Delete to delete the template.
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