How to Do Bulk Approval Deals

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In Qontak CRM, apart from doing Approval Deals individually, you can also do them in bulk. Here are the steps you can take:

  1. On the Deals menu display, you can click “Need approval” to open a list of approvals that you need to process.
    bulkdeals1. png
  2. You can take advantage of filters by status here. To process Approval according to the status that you need to process approval for, click on the column as shown below and set it to Need approval.
    bulkdeals2. png
  3. Check all the deals that you need to process. Then, click "Actions".
    bulkdeals3. png
  4. Then, you can choose to Approve or Reject the Approval.
    bulkdeals4. png
  5. Then, a confirmation pop-up appears. Make sure the deals that you are going to approve or reject are appropriate before clicking "Approve" to approve them.
    bulkdeals5. png
  6. Hence, your approval is processed by the system. Remain on this page and wait for the process to complete.
    bulkdeals6. png
  7. Then, you can see the results of the approval process. A green check mark means that there are deals that have been successfully approved. Meanwhile, if there is a red cross, then there are deals that failed to be approved. There is a description below explaining why the deal failed to be approved. Click Retry approval to repeat the approval process or click "Ok, got it" to let it go, and close the pop-up.
    bulkdeals7. png

This is a guide on how to do bulk approval on Qontak CRM.