How to Generate API Token on Qontak CRM

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Through Qontak CRM, as Admin owner/Admin/Member, you can generate API tokens. Then, you can use the API token for integration purposes. Here are the steps.

  1. On your Qontak CRM, go to the Properties menu, then click API token.
    CR1. png
  2. You can generate 2 (two) tokens. Click "Generate" to bring up the API token.
    CR2. png
  3. Then, to copy the token that appears, click "Show token".
    CR3. png
  4. The token will be visible and you can click “Copy” to copy it.
    CR4. png

    - The access token expiration period is 6 (six) hours from the time of generation.
    - If the Access Token expires, the expiration label appears and the “Generate” button appears again.

This is the guide for generating API tokens on Qontak CRM.