How to Use Natural Language Processing (NLP) Features

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Currently, there is a Natural Language Processing or NLP feature on chatbots, which can be used to apply certain trigger keywords to chatbots, so that chatbots can respond to users according to the response you have set. This can make it easier for users when they want to get answers directly or in a short time. Previously, make sure you have activated this NLP feature when creating a Chatbot conversation.

Here are the steps for using the NLP feature.

  1. Enter one of the Chatbot Conversations that has the NLP feature activated.
  2. Click “Train Chatbot”.
  3. Fill in the synonym keywords that will be triggered then fill in the intended bot response and click "Apply" to apply the rules.

    In order for the accuracy level to be higher, it is recommended to train the chatbot by filling in as many keywords as possible.

  1. Return to the chatbot page, then click "Preview Conversation" to see the predefined bot response.

  2. If you enter the word trigger that you applied before, the chatbot will respond according to the response that you applied when training the previous chatbot.

That's all the steps on how to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) Features on Qontak Omnichannel.