Mekari Qontak Server Maintenance - January 2024

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Mekari Qontak has scheduled performance enhancements on the following dates in January, 20th 2024. Kindly take note of the specific details outlined below:

  1. The process will be carried out on Saturday, January 20, 2024, from 1 AM to 6 AM. During the process, Qontak Omnichannel will experience downtime and will not be accessible from 1 AM to 3 AM. Afterward, a phased recovery stage will begin, and there may still be limitations when attempting to access Qontak Omnichannel until 06:00 AM.
  2. During the process, if you encounter any emergency issues that need to be escalated, please contact our Customer Support via the Hotline service on WhatsApp at this number: +62851 7326 7551.
  3. Impacts on Qontak Omnichannel APIs users :
    - Incoming chat from META channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram) will experience delays and will be automatically resent periodically after 6 AM.
    - Telegram, Web Chat, and Line channels will not be able to receive chat during the downtime period (1 AM - 6 AM).
    - Tokopedia Platform integration will be unable to receive chat during the downtime period (1 AM - 6 AM). However, you can check incoming chat directly on the Tokopedia platform.
    - OTP Integration (One-Time Password) will be affected and experience delays during the downtime period (1 AM - 6 AM). OTPs will be automatically resent periodically after 6 AM.
    - All API integrations will be temporarily inaccessible.
    - Users who are logged in during the maintenance period may encounter error notifications.
  4. Impacts on Qontak Chatbot users: 
    - The Chatbot responses will experience delays during downtime and will be automatically resent periodically after 3 AM.
  5. Impacts on users with Qontak CRM Integrations:
    - WhatsApp notifications will temporarily be unavailable during the downtime (1 AM - 6 AM).
    - Moving Stage Ticket/Deals and Auto Resolved from Qontak CRM to Qontak Omnichannel and vice versa may experience delays, with an estimated return to normalcy at 06:00 WIB.
  6. Additional of IP Addresses:
    Should you have implemented an IP Address whitelist for Mekari Qontak, kindly include the latest IP Addresses without removing the existing ones. The following are the updated IP Addresses:
  7. Impacts on users of 24/7 services:
    We recommend you to inform your customers that during the maintenance period, Chat services will be temporarily unavailable and are expected to return to normal as per the specified schedule.

If you have any further questions, please contact your Mekari Qontak Customer Success or email us at