How to View Subscriptions in Qontak CRM

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Learning Center Mekari
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Qontak CRM now has a billing system like Omnichannel. This feature allows you to see the number of users according to the subscription you have made. You can see your subscription status in the following ways.

  1. Enter the Subscription menu.
  2. Then, your subscription status will look like the following.

    - Maximum user who can use CRM is 5 people. And now, you are already using 4 so you can only add 1 user.
    - If you want to add a user, you can learn about it here.

  3. You also have to renew if your subscription expires. Before your subscription actually ends, you'll enter a 7-day grace period.
  4. If the grace period has ended and you have not renewed or renewed, then after logging into your CRM account. You will immediately go to the following page.
  5. You can contact our support team at to renew.