How to Manage Email Blasting in Qontak CRM

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You can use Email Blasting on Qontak to send email blasts according to the template you have created, which is sent to a specific contact list you have prepared. But before using this feature, you must log in to your email account first.

Here are the steps for using email blast on Qontak CRM:

  1. Go to Broadcast Email menu.
  2. If you haven't logged into your email, click "Connect with Exchange" to log in.
  3. Then, after successfully logging in, you will see the Outbound Campaign menu, Outbound Templates, and Outbound list.

A. How to Add an Email Blast Contact 

  1. Before sending an email blast, you need to add an email blast contact first by selecting the Outbound List menu.
  2. Click “Upload Custom Contacts”.
  3. Fill in the name of your email blast contact list.
  4. Then click "CSV template" or "XLS template" to download the contact template.
  5. Complete the email blast contact list information and save the file.
  6. Then click "Choose File" to select the contact template file that you updated, and click "Submit" to save.
  7. Then the contact list that you have added will be saved as follows.

    - eye icon: to see details of the saved contact list.
    - pencil icon: to change contact list.
    - trash icon: to delete the contact list.

B. How to Create an Email Blast Template

  1. Select the Outbound Templates menu and click "New Template".
  2. Fill in the template name and email subject of the email blast that you will send.
  3. Input the contents of the email template from the email blast that you will send. You can use the value on the right to complete the template, where this value will automatically adjust to the contact information that you added before. Then click "Save Template" to save the template.

    If you want to attach an image to an email template, you cannot upload the image directly. You need to attach it first in the form of a link. You upload an image to Google Drive and use the link to insert it into the email template, or you upload the image to a site that provides free image upload services and use the link to insert it into the email template.

  4. Then the email template that has been successfully created will look as follows.

    - pencil icon: to change the email template.
    - trash icon: to delete email templates.

C. How to Send an Email Blast

  1. Select the Outbound Campaigns menu and click "Create Campaign".

  2. Complete the campaign name information and the email template that you want to use for blasting, as well as the name of the blast email contact list that you created.

  3. Click “Save Campaign”.

  4. Then the newly created campaign will look like the following.

    - send icon: to send a test email with the contents sent to your email address.
    - pencil icon: used to change the email template.
    - trash icon: for removing email templates 

  5. Kemudian, klik “Send” untuk mengirimkan email blast. 

    - The maximum number of emails you can send per day is 500.
    - You can send an email blast to more than 100 contacts. For more information, contact the Qontak Support team.

  6. You will also get information on how many e-mails have been opened, replied to, failed to be delivered, and bounced (where the e-mail that has been sent is rejected by the receiving e-mail server so that the e-mail returns to the sender).

    - excel icon: to download log information. If this button does not appear, you can contact the Qontak support team, including the broadcast name and email account used.
    - trash icon: to delete previously sent email blasts. 

  7. The following shows the email blast that has been successfully sent.