How to Create Product Category and Subcategory

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Product Category is a feature that helps you manage product items. With Product Category, you can manage up to 3 (three) layers of category groups, namely Product Category, Product Sub-category, and Product. So, you can manage products in more detail.

To start using the Product Category, you need to activate it first. Click here to find out how to activate the Product Category in Qontak CRM.

Here's how to create a Product Category and Subcategory.

  1. On the menu Properties, select Products. Then, click Category and "Add category".

  2. Then, a pop-up like the following appears on your screen.


    Column/Button Names



    Category ID

    Add your unique product category identifier here.


    Category name

    Name your product here.


    Description (optional)

    You can choose to fill in or leave out product category descriptions here.


    Add subcategory

    Click the core button to add a subcategory. Thus, the following slider appears.

    • Subcategory ID: Add your unique product subcategory identifier here.
    • Subcategory name: Name your product here.
    • Description: You can choose to fill in or leave out the subcategory descriptions here.
  3. In either Category or Subcategory, you can choose “Save” if you have finished managing your Category and Subcategory settings in Properties.

Those are the steps on how to create product categories and subcategories.